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comic_reviews's Journal

Comic Book Reviews
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I created this community to start a more varied approach to comic book reviews, and to have a forum to discuss comic book events and characters amongst fans of the genre.

While there are many websites dedicated to comics and the like, I believe it would be nice to have multiple points of view in one place, as well as points of view from those that simply purchase the comics for their own enjoyment and not as a profession.

I intend on making weekly review posts myself, as well as providing a weekly post of Diamond Comics shipping list to let everyone know what is coming out that particular week.

There is no prerequisite for posting reviews of your own, anyone that wants to is free to post as many reviews as they'd like. I would like to request that you LJ cut extensive text, or several comic reviews on one post. Feel free to use whatever format you wish for your reviews, but please provide a description of your rating system if you have one.

You aren't limited to just making reviews either, if you would like to discuss characters, events, artist, writers, etc., I would love to hear your voice on the matter. If it relates to comics it has a place here, with the exceptions listed in the latter half of the next paragraph.

If you are an aspiring comic book artist or writer and would like to have your work reviewed here, then please bring your work forward. If you are reviewing a member's piece of work, please limit your criticism to being constructive and not childish retorts. On the other hand, do not post your work if you are afraid of an honest, constructive review of your work. Please, no fan-fic, slash or any of that kind of garbage, there are other communities for that. On the same token, I don't want to see how many userpics or icons you can make in a day.

Beyond that, just adhere to a general regimen of maturity and respect, and all should go well for you. I shan't boot you for your opinion, but your behavior is an entirely different matter.