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My life and comics #1 [Jul. 19th, 2006|06:32 pm]
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On a day when the cost of moving cross-country was already an acknowledged burden, I tossed ten bucks down for three comics without hesitating. It's a good sized week for new releases, but only a handful had really garnered my curiosity. Although none of my choices were bad, and some fine uses of the medium appeared in all four, only one merited the price on the cover.
JLA #0 was a last-minute grab, and lived up to its number. Practically nothing happened, as the book reminisced on the past (and future) defining moments in the friendship of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Most were surprisingly powerful scenes, and the wide array of artists made the book a testament to the history of comic art. However, once I'd realized there would be no actual story progression, the endless nostalgia felt a bit trite. Yes, you made me think about how great the bonds between the "big three" are. Hope those three bucks are resting warm in your pocket...
52 week 11 suffered from quite the opposite. Quite a bit happened, although it was mostly centered around my least favorite of the books revolving lead characters. Frankly, this series is starting to get a little too expensive for its plodding pace.
Pacing isn't a problem for Ultimate X-Men, today seeing issue #72. Kirkman is great at juggling the various plotlines, even stopping to pick up those left by his predecessors. This book has never fired as strongly as it did with Mark Millar, but Kirkman is certainly holding the staus quo of Bendis and Vaughn.
Civil War #3 has Millar on writing duties, and it fires stronger than UXM ever did. It's hard to believe we're only on issue three, since so much has already happened. Thanks for that goes to the various tie-ins, which are almost all as good and necessary as the core book. In fact, Civil War itself shows very little of the action, here exemplified when newspaper headlines help tell the story. What it does show, however, is always the most important event of the book. The last page reveal? Well, let's just say I've never read the 616 version of this character in the whole three years I've been reading comics.

Final thought:
For a blind prisoner, Matt Murdock sure does get around a lot.